Jun 27, 2013

Salvatore Ferragamo: Precise, Competitive, Vibrant

 Massimiliano Giornetti Did It Again! 
Massimiliano Giornetti works on an idea of energetic simplicity for the Salvatore Ferragamo Summer Collection. The Florence-based fashion house subtly employs the very essence of its savoir-faire on the cuts of the garments by permanently altering their structure through a process of minimalism whose appreciation is enhanced in the details. The quest for harmony is centered around the male figure, celebrated in both its physicality and rationality.

When comes to fashion week Salvatore Ferragamo's show is one of the show i always looking forward to and without surprise it never let me down before! Massimiliano Giornetti's latest creation Minimalistic sporty really showed the DNA of Salvatore Ferragamo which is minimalism yet chic. Those Numbers emblazoned on T-shirts Are Genius and the color combination are spectacular totally screaming Summer out loud.