May 20, 2012

Are You KLutched ?

KLutched's Logo

Nowadays, clutches doesn't come with traditional shapes anymore! I believe that clutches always able to add in a little of spices into a woman's overall looks. If you are looking for exquisite clutches, KLutched definitely one of the brand in your considering list. As we can see KLutched's logo is combining two characters together which are K and L because it's originated in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. All products are actually made in Asia, KLutched brings you a series of highly crafted self-designed bags made entirely of plus exotic skins and leathers. KLutched doesn't only produce clutches but from ready-to-party clutches and heart-gripping totes, to soft slouches and oversized envelopes, each bag is well thought out to accommodate your daily and evening essentials.

Did I mentioned that all the clutch's design are all inspired by all Asian destination and each bag also carries the name of an Asian destination. For example Kowloon, Bintan, Hanoi, Shinjuku and etc. We should not forget Asian heritage and its extraordinary materials. 

It's good to see Malaysia fashion industry is continuously growing with more and more Malaysia home brand popping out into the market and also foreign's label coming in to Malaysia. Really hope that one day Malaysia can be one of the fashion city!    

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