Jun 15, 2012

Louis Vuitton : Sofia Coppola

Sofia Coppola with her It Bag

Sofia Coppola with her It Bag

When we talk about Louis Vuitton's Bags, Monogram bags will automatically comes to our minds! But not now anymore because there is another bag making it's way to become the next It Bag! You must heard Sofia Coppola bag a.k.a "SC Bag" before if you are Louis Vuitton's hardcore fans! The reason why I am introducing this awesome bag to you guys is because SC Bag has a Timeless shape, feminine, stylish and can be your everyday bag! The SC collection is all about "quiet luxury". As mentioned by Sofia that bags should be luxurious and not status symbols! There are tones of celebrity carrying different colors different materials SC Bag all over the world.  
Everyone Loves It, Don't You?


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